Unique Thanksgiving Flower Traditions Around the World

Thanksgiving is observed in many ways throughout the world as a time to give thanks for the year's bounty and other blessings. Although the United States and Canada are well-known for their Thanksgiving customs, other nations also have distinctive traditions including the usage of flowers.

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This blog will discuss some of the most unique Thanksgiving floral traditions worldwide and the blooms you may obtain from florist in Middletown Delaware.

United States: Chrysanthemums and Sunflowers

Thanksgiving is observed on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. While there is no national floral custom, the country has a long history of Thanksgiving flower arrangements. In the United States, fall flowers are in style this time of year. Florists in New Castle DE often use chrysanthemums, sunflowers, and seasonal roses in their arrangements. These arrangements beautify homes and public spaces over the holidays as Thanksgiving centerpieces. Autumn flowers from florists in Newark Delaware represent the warm and rustic character of Thanksgiving in such areas of the U.S.

Canada: Chrysanthemums

Thanksgiving is observed on the second Monday of October in Canada. It is a time to express gratitude and enjoy the harvest season. Canada shares American customs of adorning with happy Thanksgiving flower arrangements, but one flower in particular sticks out: chrysanthemums. Symbolic of longevity, these flowers are frequently used to adorn Canadian houses for Thanksgiving. Potted chrysanthemums on porches and doorsteps brighten autumn scenery.

Liberia: Zinnias and Marigolds

Liberian Thanksgiving, on the first Thursday of November, has a distinctive flower tradition. Liberians decorate with zinnias and marigold flowers for Thanksgiving. These bright blooms represent harvest and homecoming. This practice connects Liberians to their 19th-century origin and freedom from slavery. In this way, they highlight their American and African origins with zinnias and marigolds.

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Japan: Cosmos Flowers

Japan's Thanksgiving, called "Labor Thanksgiving Day" or "Kinrō Kansha no Hi," is celebrated on November 23rd. Flowers are important on this day to appreciate the efforts of labor and production. Japanese cosmos flowers are in full bloom during this season and are therefore used in Thanksgiving flower arrangements and displays. Japanese Thanksgiving festivities often feature cosmos flowers in full bloom, symbolizing nature and abundance.

Grenada: Saffron Flowers

Grenada, a small Caribbean island, celebrates Thanksgiving differently from North American Thanksgiving. Saffron flowers, with their bright orange color, decorate island churches and residences during this season. One of the best flowers for Thanksgiving, Grenada's saffron symbolizes the island's spice-rich soil. The fragrant saffron flowers add international flair to Thanksgiving.

Germany: Dahlias and Chrysanthemums

Germany celebrates Thanksgiving as "Erntedankfest" or Harvest Festival, unlike the US or Canada. Dahlias and chrysanthemums are important to German Thanksgiving. These flowers and other autumnal components like grains, fruits, and vegetables are typically displayed in churches and homes. German Thanksgiving looks elegant and colorful with dahlias and chrysanthemums received from Thanksgiving flower delivery.

Korea: Chrysanthemums and Orchids

Korean Thanksgiving, known as "Chuseok," brings families together to celebrate the harvest and honor their ancestors. Chrysanthemums and orchids are essential Chuseok decorations. Chrysanthemums indicate longevity and family, while orchids represent purity and luck. These blooms are the most send Thanksgiving flowers and are used to decorate Korean houses throughout this occasion.

Israel: Cyclamens and Almond Blossoms

Similar to Thanksgiving, Israel celebrates "Sukkot." The harvest celebration commemorates the land's richness. Holiday sukkahs are decorated with cyclamens and almond blossoms. Almond flowers symbolize optimism and fresh beginnings, while cyclamens indicate love.

These international Thanksgiving flower customs remind us of appreciation and the value of interacting with nature throughout the harvest season. Find more such traditional blooms at Wilmington Florist.

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