A Guide to Flower-Giving Etiquette Around the World

If you are someone who is a flower connoisseur or someone who is curious or looking for flowers that are appropriate for other cultures. Well, there is a lot one must know. Flowers are beautiful and perfect in every sense they offer a delight to every bit of you.

  • Flower-Giving Etiquette

Be it their visuals or their aroma. Well if there is something tricky about flowers, it has to be how each culture has a different take on flowers and the flower-giving etiquette. The act of giving flowers is a universally cherished gesture, transcending language barriers to convey emotions, sentiments, and well-wishes. However, the way flowers are given and received varies significantly across cultures and countries. Understanding flower-giving etiquette around the world is essential to ensure that this beautiful expression of care is received with the intended warmth and respect.

Latin America

Flowers are commonly given for various occasions. Yellow flowers are often associated with death and funerals in some Latin American cultures. Roses, lilies, and various vibrant blooms are appreciated and used for celebrations.


Flowers are deeply embedded in Japanese culture and hold symbolic meanings. Coming to the flower etiquette for Japan, avoid giving white flowers, as they are associated with funerals. Red flowers are also best avoided as they symbolize intense love or strong emotions. Cherry blossoms (sakura) are revered, symbolizing the transient nature of life. Chrysanthemums are associated with the Imperial Family and are often used for formal occasions.

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Flowers carry strong symbolism and cultural significance. You should avoid giving white flowers, which are associated with death and funerals. Avoid clocks as gifts, as the phrase "giving a clock" sounds like the phrase for attending a funeral. Peonies represent prosperity and good fortune. Orchids symbolize love, refinement, and fertility which you can easily get at online flowers in Wilmington.

South Korea

Flowers hold cultural and symbolic importance. Avoid giving red flowers, as they are associated with love and romance. White flowers are often used at funerals. Orchids symbolize integrity, friendship, and nobility. Roses are acceptable in various colors, except for red.


Flowers have cultural value and are employed in religious rituals. Avoid gifting frangipanis, as they are frequently connected with funerals in etiquette. Marigolds are utilized in religious rituals and are typically thought to be auspicious. Roses and lilies are appropriate flowers because of their beauty and popularity.


Except for funeral and sympathy arrangements, odd numbers are preferred in Europe. Giving flowers before the baby is born is bad luck, therefore avoid doing so when giving flowers to celebrate the birth of a child.

Flowers have a specific position in the tapestry of human emotions, therefore it's important to gift them with cultural awareness and sensitivity. Respecting each culture's distinctive traditions, whether you're giving a bouquet in Japan, picking flowers in India, or exchanging flowers in the West, makes your gift more meaningful. Adopting flower-giving customs which you can fulfill with The Flower Place, florist in New Castle, not only respects the uniqueness of the international community but also makes sure that our gifts of the natural world's beauty cross barriers and create relationships.

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