What does the Delaware state flower mean?

Learn about the Delaware state flower, the peach blossom, and its significance. Discover the rich history and meaning behind this beautiful symbol of Delaware.

  • Delaware state flower mean

The peach blossom has held special significance for Delawareans for over a century now. From its connection to the agricultural past to its natural beauty each spring, the peach blossom tells an important story about our state's history and heritage. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how the peach blossom became the official state flower and what it symbolizes, so that you can go forward ordering one from the best florist in Wilmington Delaware!

Meaning of Delaware State Flower

The peach blossom flowers in Wilmington DE and all throughout Delaware represent many positive things for the state. One of the main symbols of the peach blossom is beauty. During the springtime, large peach trees will bloom with many pink-colored peach blossoms. When the trees are all blooming together, it makes for a really beautiful sight to see. Another symbolism of the peach blossom is renewal and rebirth. As the cold winter months end and spring arrives, the peach trees lose their leaves but then new blossoms grow in their place, representing the cycle of life.

How did the Peach Blossom become the official state flower of Delaware?

The Peach Blossom, which is from the Prunus persica plant, first became the official flower symbol of Delaware way back in 1895. However, it wasn't really named the complete official state flower until 1953. There were a few reasons why the peach blossom was chosen. Delaware used to be famous for growing lots of peaches, so much so that some people called it the "Peach State." Around the time the peach blossom started representing Delaware, there were over 800,000 individual peach trees growing on farms all across the state.

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The peach blossom flowers can either grow alone or in small groups of two. Their size also varies, with some being really small and others pretty big. But they usually have a maximum of just five pink or light purple petals. These delicate flowers will appear in early spring before the leaves come out on the peach trees. Sadly, by the very early 1900s, many of Delaware's peach trees got very sick from a disease called "the yellows" and it ended up destroying the state's entire peach farming industry.

Symbolism Of Delaware State Flower

To this day, the peach blossom remains an identifying symbol of Delaware. You will see it on official state logs, flags, stationary and other items. Each spring, peach orchards around the state hold peach blossom festivals as another way to celebrate the state flower. People enjoy picking peaches in the summertime as well as gifting flower delivery in Greenville. While peach farming may not be as large of an industry today, the peach blossom helps keep the memory and cultural heritage of Delaware's agricultural past alive. It will continue being an iconic symbol of beauty, renewal, and Delaware's history for many years to come.

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