What Are The Best Flowers To Buy For The Holidays?

The holidays are a time full of joy, togetherness, traditions—and of course, gift-giving. When searching for the perfect present to delight your loved ones, flowers for the holidays never disappoint. Not only are blooms a classic gesture of affection, but they liven up holiday décor and spread cheer at any festive gathering.

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So what flowers make the best gifts? With so many options to pick from, it can get overwhelming. That’s why we have compiled this guide to our top 5 flower picks from your local Middletown Delaware florist for the holiday season.


You can’t discuss holiday flower delivery without mentioning poinsettias. Poinsettias have become a quintessential Christmas plant with their bright red and green coloration. They’re ideal for decorating your home with festive flair or gifting to spread seasonal joy.

And while poinsettias used to have a bad rap for being difficult to keep alive, most modern varieties are low-maintenance and long-lasting. Just provide them ample indirect sunlight and moderate watering, and they’ll stay lively for weeks—often reblooming the next year too.

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Christmas Roses

Despite their name, Christmas roses aren’t true roses at all—they’re a type of buttercup. But with delicate white blooms and dark green foliage, they look like the holiday part. Add to that a certain charm and hardiness befitting the winter, and you have an all-around excellent flower for celebrating.

Gift Christmas roses as living potted plants or holiday flower bouquets. Both make a meaningful gift that conjures the softer side of the season.


Carnations may be modest blooms, but they more than make up for it with versatility and staying power. Their ruffled petals and wide range of colors provide options to suit any festive holiday flower arrangement or bouquet. Mix red, white, and green carnations to nail Christmas colors, or try winter varieties in cool blue and purple hues.

As one of the longest-lasting cut flowers around, carnations also make prime-shipped gifts to get from florists in Wilmington Delaware if you have loved ones living farther away. The recipient can admire them for weeks before the blooms give out—a perfect symbol of your enduring affection.


This iconic leafy plant forever links to the holidays thanks to its starring role in countless Christmas stories and songs. Its glossy, pointy foliage set with ruby red berries achieves the perfect balance of winter beauty with year-round reliability.

Keep potted holly as a living decoration that you can break out annually when the holidays roll around. Or cut sprigs of holly to incorporate into wreaths, table centerpieces, and other DIY projects.


Last but certainly not least on my holiday flower list is Paperwhites. Hyacinths work too, but paperwhites edge them out by being even easier to force into bloom indoors during winter. The intensely fragrant, snowy white blossoms evoke every magical feeling you want associated with the Christmas season.

Paperwhites make perfect holiday hostesses or teacher gifts. Or plant bulbs in a cold frame or garden bed for a delightful winter surprise. However you give them, paperwhites promise a little burst of floral joy amid the darkest days of the year.

No matter which blooms you choose, remember that thoughtfully given flowers have a special power to make spirits bright. So head over to Flower Place of Newcastle to start shopping for floral gifts your loved ones will adore this holiday season! Order your flower delivery in New Castle!

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